Bottega Ursic

Bottega Ursic is an interdisciplinary studio that proposes a holistic perspective
in the graphic design of communication, image and architectural spaces,
both private and commercial. Our view to design is artisanal and very deliberate.
We work with the framework of functions, planning and strategy.
We use interior architecture and graphic design as an integrated tools
to create a space full of meanings.

Bottega Ursic is also a boutique gallery with unique collectible design from the 20th century.
Most of the collection is dating back to 40’s-60’s and comes from Italy; Milan, Genoa and Rome.
All objects are carefully selected and behind the decisions are not just the famous names of the creators but above all their unique design language.

Zofia Ursic Sobolewska

I am an architect, art director and passionate of collectible design.

I started my architectural studies at the Cracow University of Technology, receiving a scholarship in Copenhagen. I continued my studies at the Universität für Angewandte Kunst in Vienna, under the guidance of Wolf D. Prix and Zaha Hadid, and then joined a year-long inter-university collaboration study at Columbia Univeristy in New York.
I gained creative experience working as an art director at major advertising agencies such as DDB, Publicis and Leo Burnett, winning several awards in the KTR competition.

Creating Bottega Ursic, I benefit from all my experience and skills,
combining the role of architect and art director.
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