Interior architecture

We design residential and commercial interiors.
Our projects respect the history of the place and the architectural context.
We create interiors that reflect a calm and unique atmosphere,
where modernity is always juxtaposed with unique design from the last century.
Our interiors are minimalistic, and at the same time full of contrasts, in which all elements talk to
each other; light, spaces, furniture and people.

Brand identity

The holistic approach and working in an environment where the real three-dimensional world defines our creative framework influences the way we work with graphics and digital design.
We design the whole image of the brand and the result appears analogue and digitally; in spaces, on screens, paper and objects. It can be admired and experienced by senses.

Sourcing on request

On behalf of the client, we are looking for unique furniture and lighting.
We specialize in unique design from the 20th century, mainly from Italy and France
and Scandinavia. We help architects, collectors, institutions or just private clients
that would like to realise a dream about exceptional piece of furniture.


With a team of talented craftsmen and conservators, we carry out a professional furniture restoration respecting the author's design
and the era, that the furniture comes from.
 We try to keep as much of the original elements as possible and use techniques
from years ago, adding a contemporary touch by the style of the finish or type of the fabric.
We use the highest quality upholstery fabrics, working with such
producers like Larsen, Lelievre and Pierre Frey.
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